20151217_142625Today I did a live broadcast about the 4 reasons social media is a must for business in 2016! You cannot use the excuse “I don’t have time” or “Our customers are not on social media” or my favorite “We don’t get leads or customers from social media” Because it goes SO MUCH deeper than that. Stop ignoring progress and listen up!  You can watch the 11 minute reply below but here are some of the stats and notes from the show:

  • 65% of users 18-24 consult info they found on social media when making a purchasing decision
  • 2/3 of customer sue search engines when researching a purchase (I explain why social media is important to your search results in the replay)
  • social media helps amplify your voice and your brand
  • 2 Billion people are on the internet (and growing)
  • 61% of consumers say reviews on social media influence their buying decisions.

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