20151217_151756In this video replay I talked about the 5 hot trends you should watch (and try) in your social media marketing in 2016. Here are some notes but be sure to watch the 16 min video replay for the full lowdown and examples.

  • Be sure to customize your posting descriptions and messages so that you are speaking the language of that particular social network. Customizing your voice is the key to marketing on various social channels.
  • Live broadcasting took off in 2015 but it is going to THRIVE in 2016! Start to get comfortable in front of the camera now so you can take advantage of the key benefits of going live! Check out the replay for ideas on how to use it in business.
  • Use social ads to create HIGHLY targeted campaigns that speak to each consumer segment. When you speak directly to a consumer they are more likely to stop and take note. Great examples in the replay video.
  • Mobile dominates! Check your statistics. What do you see. If you are me or any of my clients you will see that in ads, web traffic and social interaction users are coming dominantly from mobile. Its no longer a question, mobile is here. But it is not just here in 2016, it dominates!
  • Natively upload your videos to all social networks and hosting. You can no longer rely on just uploading to YouTube then sharing out a link. If you want to go the distance in views, engagement and reach you need to go native.

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