Check out these 7 ways to re-purpose your blogs and bring new life to old content!

Are you a blogger? Wondering how to re-purpose or reuse your old blog post? Here are 7 ways to bring your blog post back from the dead:
1. Take old blogs and updated them for today, re-post and the updated version.
2. Take blogs and turn them into slides and post to slideshare with a link to the original blog.
3. Use the blog content to create a webinar.
4. Use the content as a discussion on Periscope and blab.
5. Re-share the blog content on your various social networks and in your email newsletter.
6. Take all your top blog post and turn them into an ebook and use as a free downloadable.
7. Record yourself reading or better yet diving into the topic of your blog and put it on soundcloud. Share on the various networks. Take the embedded code from your soundcloud and or slideshare and embed those in your updated version of your blog that you repost.
Rinse and repeat.

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Here is the Soundcloud so you can just listen to my tips 🙂