Why doesn’t it work? (Facebook that is)

There are so many businesses out there making some pretty bad mistakes on Facebook. These are the kind of marketing and customer services mistakes that cost your bottom line. Many businesses are still trying to figure out where the value of social media comes into play with their marketing and ROI. Sadly many businesses are also making these common mistakes on their Facebook and wondering why nothing is working. Check out my video and slide deck below and learn the most common mistakes businesses are making on Facebook.

Here is the quick list:

  • Over promotion – It’s all about me me me
  • Posting links with no context
  • Using your profile as a business page
  • Ignoring customer comments, questions and complains.
  • Inconsistent posting strategy
  • Boosting post that people don’t even care about.
  • Buying likes/fans
  • Starting strong and dying off after 3-6 months leaving behind a ghost town

Be sure to watch the video to get in depth discussion and also a great explanation on boosted post vs regular ads. If you scroll down I have also included slides with detailed notes.

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