In this section I am going to teach you how to get going broadcasting from your desktop to your profile. Unlike when you are broadcasting to your business page, where you access your stream key in your publishing tools, getting a stream key for broadcasting to your profile requires a little more work. To accomplish this you typically have to become a Facebook developer and create an app in the developer section using the Facebook Live API. If this all sounds like Greek to you, do not fret. I have provided a button you will simply click to grab your profile key. 

You will first need to go download a free software called OBS or a software called Wirecast (which cost $500). If you do not understand how to use this and want to learn more be sure to check out my full Facebook Live Pro course as I teach you all of this as part of that online course. 

Click on this button to get your stream key for going live via your profile (at this time the group function is not working so check back for updates)

When using the button above simply click the button then select “Share on your own timeline” and click “Next”. Go_Live_on_Facebook_and_Facebook_Live_Button_-_Club_Stellar_-_Social_Media_Training You will then see the following prompt. Go ahead and click “OK” Facebook_Live_Button_-_Club_Stellar_-_Social_Media_Training You will then be directed to the page where you grab your stream key. Add your description, title of your broadcast/video and grab the stream key. Add your stream key to OBS or whichever 3rd party software you are using. Go_Live_on_Facebook_and_Add_New_Page_‹_Club_Stellar_-_Social_Media_Training_—_WordPress From here follow the instructions in the lesson below to go live.

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